New page: academic miscellany!

I’ve added a new page ‘Academic Miscellany‘ to my blog. It started as a way for me to collate interesting resources that I could access quickly instead of trawling through my old blog posts.

But why not share? I hope some of the links will be useful for you too!

On the page you will find:

Some of my blog posts that collate themed links useful for researchers.

My grant rejections. I started this list privately to simply keep a running tab of all my grant applications. And I spent a lot of time thinking before making it public. As an early career researcher, I’m hesitant about sharing research ideas I haven’t had a chance to fulfill. But I think a researcher’s list of ‘could have been’ projects are just as important for building their career. Rejected grant applications aren’t a sign of failure. They’re indicators of a researcher’s skills, research interests, collaborative network, and future potential.

Non-English ecology and natural history journals. Science is dominated by English language journals. I often come across foreign language papers during literature searches and it’s frustrating when you can’t understand them, especially if the title suggests it’s exactly the information you’re looking for! This is particularly relevant for ecology and natural history observations – there is a wealth of information on interesting species interactions waiting to be discovered. I have a basic understanding of French that has been a help for citing references in a couple of my papers, but any other language is a struggle. Wouldn’t it be great if university libraries hired a professional multi-lingual translation team to help researchers access a broader range of research?

More content will be added as it’s discovered!


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