‘Tis the season for Christmas blogs: but what about the archives?

The cultural traditions of Christmas, like every aspect of our lives, are embedded in stories of science…botany, ecology, chemistry, entomology etc. If you blog about science and nature, Christmas-themed posts can easily become an annual habit.

Unfortunately, because of our distracted relationship with the internet, many timeless Christmas posts are read once and discarded, just like the wrapping paper and festive napkins at the end of the big day.

So here are a few Christmas posts from the archives that you may have overlooked, or might just enjoy reading again!

From me:

Deck the Halls: An Aussie Pollinator Christmas

Mistletoe Magic

From other blogs:

Six Kingdoms for Christmas: the cultural biodiversity of a winter festival by @JeffOllerton

Where do the trees go? by @paula_read

December 24 – Cephenemyia trompe over at Parasite of the Day (and check out the other Christmas parasites on the blog!)

Christmas Lights – the invention of matches by Rowena Fletcher-Wood on Chemistry World Blog

A Christmas Aphid by @EntoProf

Christmas on HMS Beagle by Michael Barton

The Ecological Gift by @PerpetuaTurner

The wonderful Advent Botany series over at Alastair Culham’s blog




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