Grant rejections

2015 Paddy Pallin Science Grants. Role of native vegetation for wild pollinator conservation in temperate agroecosystems. (Primary investigator)

2016 Australian Entomological Society. Public knowledge and perspectives of pollinator insect species and their habitat needs. (Collaborator)

2016 Victoria Horticulture Innovation R&D Grant. Ecological sampling program to complement Social-Ecological Learning Network & development of on-farm soil health program. (Collaborator)

2016 ARC DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award). Linking biodiversity and ecosystem function for sustainable crop production. (Primary investigator)

2017 Inspiring Australia Citizen Science Grants. The Wild Pollinator Count: making Australian urban pollinators count! (Collaborator)

2017 Max Day Environmental Science Fellowship Award. An apple is never far from the tree: a multi-disciplinary approach to quantifying ecosystem services in fruit orchards. (Primary Investigator)

2017 AgriFutures Australia. Remote sensing native floral resources for honey bees. (Primary investigator)

2018 Hermon Slade Foundation. Linking biodiversity to multiple ecosystem services across the land-water interface. (Primary investigator)

2018 Eva Crane Trust. Do bees benefit fruit production in Australian vineyards and orchards? (Primary investigator)

2019 AgriFutures Australia. Bee interactions and floral resource quality: an evidence based approach. (Collaborator)

2019 Smart Farming Partnerships Round 2. A new decision support tool to effectively manage biodiversity and ecosystem services on farms. (Primary investigator)

2019 ARC DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award). Insect contributions to ecosystem services at the land-water interface. (Primary investigator)

2020 National Geographic Research Grants. From the ashes: insect biodiversity recovery after catastrophic landscape-scale wildfire. (Primary investigator)

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