Communication Breakdown

She awoke from her dream into a pure freshness, still virgin to human eyes.  The air was clean and the sun shone bright, as if it had just smiled for the first time.  She breathed softly at first, loathe to shatter the sparkling silence.  Stars hung lucid and trembling, just out of reach of her touch.  Golden zephyrs caressed her skin and rippled the reflections, making the starlight dance across the water.  She could feel the enormity of such beauty in her veins, under her skin.

After some time, she began to feel lonely.  She wanted others to share the beauty of life with.  She sewed a backdrop of greenery – climbing, creeping, tall and short.  She released velvet insects and gossamer-winged dragonflies into the silence of her sanctuary.  Giant fairytale trees grew tall above the carnival of flowers dancing across the ground.  The air began to swell and grow richer, the waterfalls danced and sparkled with joy and the sun shone brighter.  Shimmering fish leapt in the creeks and huge leviathans patrolled the deeper water.

She revealed prowling cats with majestic coats, gentle grazers, swinging primates of all sizes and tiny creatures with soft eyes.  Diminutive birds with tinkling voices left sparkling trails through the trees, while lords of the air patrolled above them on graceful wings. Continue reading