Ode to Ecology

It’s been over three years since I wrote my first post here. This column started as a creative outlet for my writer’s soul, as I tackled the confines of academic science writing.

I also saw it as a way to champion my new career. When I wrote my first post, I had encountered many people, including family and friends, who were genuinely puzzled over what I actually ‘do’.

I remember my stint in the unemployment queue during the fiscal fiasco. “I’m an ecologist”, I said to the government careers adviser.

She looked at me blankly and replied “Sorry, a what? How do you spell that?” Continue reading

To hibernate, or not to hibernate …

Have you noticed how drivers tend to go a little bit nuts on the roads when it’s raining, or when a storm is threatening?  People who are generally stable, sensible drivers with a healthy respect for Life throw all reason out the window at the sight of an ominous grey cloud and some water-drops on the windscreen.  And it’s a well-known fact that traffic incidents increase dramatically during inclement weather.

Nearly everyone who drives a vehicle of any sort has been involved in, witness to, responsible for or narrowly missed an accident of some description during bad weather.  Have you ever thought about how you felt that day, leading up to the moment in question?  Continue reading