It’s a Lifestyle Change, not Climate Change

In a few centuries, this nonsensical debating of whether climate change exists or not will be high on the list of most embarrassing things that humans once argued over – second only to thinking the world was flat.

While most of the world agrees that climate change is happening and is making changes accordingly, a small contingent of “Deniers” are shamelessly gaining recognition simply for disrupting that change, causing an ecological ruckus unseen since Darwin and Wallace told everyone that we evolved from monkeys.

Anyone from British aristocrats to radio hosts thinks it’s hip to play Devil’s Advocate, frustrating their audience with aggressive irrationality. If they succeed at anything, it is only to send a rational listener into a state of mental agitation – contrary to what most arguers think, this is NOT the same as winning the argument.

Climate scientists have even received both general and death threats, which is just an outrageously antiquarian attempt to hinder free speech by those who feel threatened by climate change. Continue reading