All hail the Goddess Disposability!

I think our future holds a problem even more pressing than climate change—the burgeoning issue of waste disposal.

Since the invention of Convenience, disposable everything has become commonplace and it’s beginning to catch up with us.  Once upon a time, milk was delivered to the house and poured straight into your own milk jug.  Store bought books and clothes were wrapped in cloth or newspaper to be carried home.  Food was bought from markets and put directly into your basket or wooden box, sans plastic wrapping.

It worked.  It may not have been the most luxurious way of living, but it worked.  But someone decided that it wasn’t good enough for us, and the Goddess Disposability was born.

At first there was just plastic in all shapes and forms with some glass, cardboard and aluminium thrown in for good measure.  But then we stepped it up a notch.  Everything from food cans to aeroplanes couldn’t be manufactured without at least one ingredient that was toxic, immutable or just plain unfriendly.  Hence, we have a problem. Continue reading