System Solutions: sustainable agriculture is about ecological interactions

The latest IPCC report was released last week, with very similar findings to the IPBES report released earlier this year. Both reports analyse published research and provide evidence-based recommendations to guide policy-making. They corroborate what ecologists and environmental scientists have been showing for the last few decades via hundreds of thousands of studies across multiple disciplines.

In a nutshell, we need to change how we, as a species, interact with our environment. Most importantly, we need to change the way we manage and use land and natural resources. And there are many ways we can do this. Continue reading

Seeking sustainability

For any one in academia – student, senior or otherwise – here are some thoughts that will resonate with many. Please take some time to read and add your voice to the open letter (see link below) if you agree.

Ready for your signature: an open letter

By Joern Fischer

In my last post, I threatened that I was in the process of drafting an open letter to societal leaders.

The letter is now up and running. If you believe that many current sustainability initiatives are falling short of what is needed, I suggest you sign this letter. Also, please spread it — this will only “do something” if the number of signatures is large.


Or just head straight to the letter to add your name: Halt and Reflect: An open letter from scholars regarding global sustainability

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